Astrologıc Consultatıon

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Astrological consultancy is available, either face to face (in Istanbul-Taksim office) or online via Skype/phone)

Birth Chart (natal) analyze and yearly predictions based on modern and traditional tecniques. It takes abaout 2 hours.

Astrologic Consultation fee is 1250._TL (convertible to the other currencies)

After the first time consultation fee decreases, which is 1100._TL

If your birthday is 3 months before or after of your consultancy date, we offer %10 discount for the yearly consultation. Then consulting is adventageous around your birthday which is 1100._TL

You may ask for either your natal promise or yearly consultation. Also you may ask both natal analyze and yearly prediction. You may ask career and / or relationship potentials too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ask for details and an appointment.

GSM: +90 0532 604 67 43

My SKYPE Screen Name is ”astrolojikosesi”                                                                              

Postal Adres:
İnönü Caddesi. Çifte Vav Sokak(Emektar) No:2


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