Astrologic Consultation

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Astrological consultancy is available, either face to face (in Istanbul-Taksim office) or online via Skype/phone)

Birth Chart (natal) analyze and yearly predictions based on modern and traditional tecniques. It takes abaout 2 hours.

Astrologic Consultation fee is 900._TL(convertible to the other currencies)

After the first time consultation fee decreases, which is 800._TL

If your birthday is 3 months before or after of your consultancy date, we offer %10 discount for the yearly consultation. Then consulting is adventageous around your birthday.

You may ask for either your natal promise or yearly consultation. Also you may ask both natal analyze and yearly prediction. You may ask career and / or relationship potentials too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ask for details and an appointment.

GSM: +90 0532 604 67 43

My SKYPE Screen Name is ”astrolojikosesi”                                                                              

Postal Adres:
İnönü Caddesi. Çifte Vav Sokak(Emektar) No:2


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